Whale and dolphin watching excurcion (3 hours)

Shared small group (max 10) whales watching excursion

Duration: 3 hours

Group: up to 10 people max. 4 people on board minimum

Cost: 80 EUR (children under 12 y.o. 55 EUR)


Meeting the crew, yacht presentation, safety briefing. Departure from the port of Las Galletas, Marina del Sur.

Search, observation and photos of dolphins and whales.

Ocean walk along the coast of south Tenerife with fantastic view of Teide, best beaches, caves, natural pools.

Anchor stop at one of the bays with turquoise water for swimming, snorkeling and lunch.

Return to the port.

Included: snacks, Spanish tapas, fruits, unlimited alcoholic beverages (white wine, sparkling wine, beer), soft drinks (cola, fanta, sprite), juices, water, sparkling water, coffee, professional crew service, snorkeling and fishing gear.

Our shared whale watching excursion gives a chance to cruise on one of the impressive luxury yacht (model Princess 440) for an individual price. The combination of speed and comfort makes this tour a unic one. For comfort cruising we limit the maximum group to 10 persons who can enjoy any spacious and comfort zones on the boat. Our high speed motors allow to maximize your chances of seeing dolphins and whales and makes time of transitions shorter. During excursion our professional crew of 2 will be serving you with drinks and food and will be happy to share their knowledge on the marine life. Before the excursion ends the boat anchors at the most beautiful and deserted bay with nice views for swimming and snorkeling in clear and fishful water. The photos and videos of whales and sefies on our luxury yacht are blowing internet.

Important: All these excursions are subject to favourable meteorological conditions and could be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions ocurring on the day of your excursion.

Whales and Dolphins Watching Tour in Tenerife

The main feature of a boat trip in Tenerife is the opportunity to see whales and dolphins up close in their natural habitat. Did you know that Tenerife is the third highest volcanic island in the world? The Teide volcano rises from the bottom of the sea to a height of almost 7 km, and the difference in depth between Tenerife and the neighboring island of La Gomera is up to 3 km. With this, the strait between Tenerife and La Gomera is a very rich ecosystem that attracts these marine animals here. In the waters of Tenerife you can find up to 17 different species of whales and dolphins. Some species of whales and dolphins live permanently in the waters of the south of Tenerife: pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins (known from the movie Flipper), striped dolphins. During the migration through the waters of Tenerife from March to May, so called Tenerife whale watching season, you can see fin whales, blue whales and sperm whales, toothed, striped and spotted dolphins. Pilot whales can be often seen no more than 2 miles from Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes.

whales Tenerife

There are strict rules in Tenerife for the yachts approaching whales. It is allowed to come to the whales no closer than 50 meters. However, the whales themselves often approach the yacht, which in this case must remain not moving. Loud music, bathing and feeding animals are prohibited. Whale and dolphin watching in the vicinity is only possible for Tenerife blue flag boats that are licensed for whale and dolphin watching excursions in Tenerife. Therefore, when booking a whale and dolphin watching tour, it is necessary to find out if the yacht has a “blue” flag. Royal Ocean yacht is one of the legal boats having permission for whale and dolphin excursions.

dolphing watching tenerife

The yachts making whales and dolphin trips in Tenerife are located in three marinas in Tenerife. Marina del Sur in Las Galletas and Puerto Colon offer whale and dolphin watching at Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos area. Marina de Los Gigantes has the boats making dolphin trips in the area from San Juan to Los Gigantes. Many Tenerife yachts offer group whale and dolphin tours at individual prices, but it is possible to book a private charter.

Adults 80 euros
Children under 12 y.o. 55 euros (Payment onboard by cash or bank card +7% IGIC tax)
Anyday, 10:00 / 13:00
Duration 3 hours
Up to 10 pax