Private charter

Dolphins & Relax private cruise

Duration: 3 hours

Group: up to 8 people

Cost: 750 euros (each additional hour 200 euros)


  • Welcome cocktail / glass of cava.
  • Meeting the crew, yacht presentation, safety briefing. Departure from the port of Las Galletas, Marina del Sur.
  • Search, observation and photos of whales.
  • Ocean walk along the coast of south Tenerife with fantastic view of Teide, best beaches, caves, natural pools.
  • Anchor stop at one of the nice bays with turquoise water for swimming, snorkeling and lunch.
  • Return to the port.

Included: snacks and starters (for charters of 5 hours and longer lunch with seafood paella or turkey), alcoholic beverages (3 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of cava, beer unlimited), non-alcoholic drinks (cola, fanta, juices, mineral water), coffee, towels, bottom fishing, crew of 2, fuel.

Not included: Big game fishing (100 eur), fuel surcharge for Masca trip (100 eur)

This cruise is an ideal opportunity for relaxation in the ocean on a comfortable yacht. Suitable for a romantic date for a couple, and for relaxing with family or friends. This cruise is often booked to celebrate a birthday or a party with family or friends. Compared to a restaurant, celebrating on a yacht is prestigious, unusual and cheaper (do not forget that alcohol and meals are included in the price).

The program can be changed depending on your preferences. You are the owner of this luxury yacht for the time of charter, and you are to decide where to go and what to do.

Speed ​​matters! Instead of long and for many dreary transitions, you have the opportunity to spend more time relaxing without sea legs. This is especially important for those who suffer from motion sickness. With our speed, we can choose at our discretion a bay for relaxation, which is important for lovers of wild beaches and those who do not like crowds of boats and people around. Also, the speed provides more opportunities for searching and observing marine life and fishing during the transition.

And finally, which is very important for those who value comfort, this is a real mini-hotel on the water. Unlike budget sailing yachts, our boat has a lot of space for relaxing and sunbathing for a group of up to 10 people. In two guest cabins each with a private bathroom and shower you can relax from the sun. The yacht is equipped with a music system with sound output in all areas. For tanning, the platforms on the bow and on the fly deck are equipped with soft mattresses. You do not need to bring your own towels to the yacht – everything you need for a comfortable stay will be offered on the yacht.


Yacht charter in Tenerife

Boat trips in Tenerife are the obligatory part of the holiday program for tourists and residents. Tenerife has a large selection of commercial boats for rent. You can rent a sailboat, or rent a motor yacht in Tenerife.

In terms of weather conditions, the best option for a motor boat tour would be the south of Tenerife from Punto Teno to Punto Rasca. Due to the usual northeast wind, the south is protected from the wind from all sides by mountains. There are no strong winds, waves and almost always sunny.

The south of Tenerife has the biggest selection of boats to hire for a boat trip. All of them are located in three yacht ports: Marina del Sur in Las Galletas, Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje and Puerto de Los Gigantes. Boat trips from Puerto Colon, Los Cristianos, Las Galletas are in great demand since they offer big choice of boats for boat hire in Costa Adeje in Tenerife.

Port Marina del Sur in Las Galetas

Port Marina del Sur in Las Galetas

Most boats in Tenerife can be rented with a skipper and crew. A yacht charter in Tenerife usually includes fuel, crew, drinks as well as food. Of course, the service, the quality of food and drinks on each yacht is different. Depending on the service level of a yacht, you can be offered chips, peanuts and sausage with mineral water, or you can be offered, as for example, on the Royal Ocean yacht, an individual menu with restaurant dishes and delicacies.

To rent a boat inTenerife is usually very popular among groups of friends and families. Depending on the type, a speed boat can accommodate from 4 to 15 people.

To hire a motor yacht in Tenerife is not too expensive, compared to continental Europe. The price depends on the amenities and service. In cheap segment, as a rule, there are sailing yachts. Many like sailing boats for romance of sails and the noiselessness of walking. However, they are much inferior to motor yachts in terms of comfort, speed and ocean rolling. A motor yacht has its advantages. Motor yachts usually have more space for relaxation, no rigging, more comfort and better service. Speed is an important factor. For the same rental time, on a motor yacht you can see and visit more attractions. All this makes the best boat tour in Tenerife.

What can you see on a boat cruise?

Depending on the port of departure, you can choose different routes. Chartering private yacht trips in Tenerife gives you the freedom to decide where to go and what to do during the charter. Of course, taking into account the weather conditions and the duration of the yacht charter.

power yacht charter

Power boat Royal Ocean  in Tenerife

Yachts from Marina del Sur and Puerto Colon in Tenerife usually make Costa Adeje, Playa de Las Americas, and Los Cristianos boats trips with routes along the coast of Costa Adeje, the cliffs of Los Cristianos to the picturesque bay in Puertito, or, in case of unfavorable wind, towards the yellow mountain (one of the wonders of nature) and red mountain with wild beaches. If you book a charter on a motor yacht for 5 or more hours, it is possible to make a boat trip to the majestic cliffs of Los Gigantes, to the bay of Masca.

Usually, the program of a cruise on a boat in Tenerife always includes watching marine animals (whales, dolphins, turtles), visiting beautiful bays surrounded by high cliffs, swimming and snorkeling on the wild beaches of the south of Tenerife. The program usually includes a lunch menu.

In Tenerife, almost all yachts offer romantic sunset cruise with unforgettable views of the Teide in the rays of the setting sun.

Boat trips from Tenerife to other islands

It is possible to find a speed boat in Tenerife for hire for several days for exploring other Canarian islands. A boat trip from Tenerife to Fuerteventura for example will take minimum 4 days and will cost accordigly high.

Events and holidays

To hire a boat in Tenerife is an unusual way to celebrate any event: birthday, hen party, bachelor party, engagements wedding, anniversary or other events. Boat parties in Tenerife are very popular. If this is a luxury yacht with a high level of service and excellent food it can be better than celebration in a restaurant. At the same time, guests can enjoy the beautiful yacht and views that no other restaurant can offer.

Rent a yacht for the celebrationBoat rental in Tenerife South can be a good present to your friend or loved one. If you are a tourist and have come to Tenerife with friends, then a boat tour will be an unforgettable experience, and photos from the yacht will cause delight and envy of your friends.

On some yachts, by prior arrangement, a professional photographer can be invited on board for photoshoots.

Transfer to the yacht

Not all yachts offer a transfer option to marina. However, some luxury boats in Tenerife include this option in the price. For example, the Royal Ocean yacht offers a Mercedes minibus transfers up to 8 passengers.

What do you need to take with you on a yacht?
You need to find out what is included in the price of a yacht charter in Tenerife. If you have allergies and you are not offered a meal replacement, take care of your own individual food and drinks.

To eliminate problems with seasickness, purchase a remedy (for example, Dramina) at the pharmacy.

Don’t forget to bring a hat, sun glases and sun cream. Find out if towels and snorkeling gear are included in the price.

And finally, do not forget the camera and a good mood.

Is it safe to take small children on a yacht?
Parents should understand that a yacht can carry risks, and small children should not be left unattended for a minute. For the safety of babies, children’s life jackets must be on the yacht. Children are more likely than adults to be prone to seasickness.
Can I try navigate a yacht?
Under the guidance and supervision of the captain, guests can briefly navigate a motor yacht.
Price 750 EUR/3 hours, from 3 hours (Payment onboard in cash or with bank card (+7% IGIC tax)
Up to 8 pax
Anyday, any duration
All charters are subject to favourable meteoroligical conditions and could be cancelled due to adverse weather/sea conditions ocurring on the day of your charter.

Sunset cruise on yacht

Duration: 3 hours

Group: up to 8 people

Cost: 750 euros (each additional hour 200 euros)


Welcome cocktail / glass of cava.

Meeting with the captain, safety briefing. Departure from the port of Las Galletes in the evening depending on the time of year and therefore the time of sunset.

Short cruise along the south coast of Tenerife and anchor stop with the best view of the island at sunset.

An evening cocktail or a glass of cava, with light snacks and a photo shoot on board.

Return to the port after sunset.

Includes: alcoholic beverages (wine, cava, beer), non-alcoholic drinks and water, coffee, snacks canapes, towels and plaids.


This romantic cruise on yacht with fantastic views of La Gomera island and the volcano Teide is popular with couples and companies of friends. It is ideal before visiting the restaurant.

The yacht leaves the port shortly before sunset and slowly makes her way along the south coast. In the rays of the setting sun, the island and the mountains look different, more contrasting and colored. Just before sunset, the yacht will stop at the place where the most beautiful view of La Gomera island and Teide opens. The captain will stop the engines, and in utter silence, a fantastic show of a unique game of colors will begin. The sunsets in Tenerife are special. But with seeing sunset in the open ocean is something very special. The colors of the clouds, La Gomera and the montains change every minute. Finally, the sun hides in the ocean, and everything around is filled with a special pink light in combination with the unusual color of water and shade on the rocks. You can look at it non stop. But in 10 minutes the colors begin to fade and give way to the twinkling of stars. A wonderful aftertaste of this bewitching show will be a glass of cava or a non-alcoholic cocktail according to our sea recipe, candles and quiet music. The yacht returns to the port in the coming darkness under the twinkling stars.


Price 750€ for 3 hours
Up to 8 pax
Each day in the evening depending on the season and availability
All charters are subject to favourable meteoroligical conditions and could be cancelled due to adverse weather/sea conditions ocurring on the day of your charter.

Events celebration on board

If you want to celebrate with your family and friends a special and unforgettable birthday, anniversary, wedding day, wedding anniversary, honeymoon, the best way to book our luxury motor yacht Royal Ocean.

Surprise your guests. Instead of the usual banquets in a restaurant or at home, you can comfortably relax with a company of up to 8 people on a very comfortable and spacious yacht. We will not only offer delicious food and drinks, but you will have the opportunity to enjoy fantastic views of the island, see the whales and dolphins of Tenerife, admire the views of the Teide volcano from the ocean, swim and snorkel in deserted coves with turquoise water. You will be treated by a crew of two persons. Your photos on a luxury yacht with stunning views will remain in memory for a long time and will be hits in any social media.

Calculate the cost of a party in a restaurant for 8 people and compare it with a standard 3-4 hour boat trip along the South coast of Tenerife. You will be pleasantly surprised. The cost will be the same or slightly less. But at the same time, you will receive completely unusual impressions and pleasures as a keepsake!


750€ for 3 hours
Up to 8 pax
Any day depending on availability
Проведение торжества на яхте Тенерифе
All charters are subject to favourable meteoroligical conditions and could be cancelled due to adverse weather/sea conditions ocurring on the day of your charter.

Oceanic fishing



220€/hour, minimum 3 hours, surcharge for big game fishing 100€
up to 8 persons
Any day depending on availability
Морская рыбалка на Тенерифе
All charters are subject to favourable meteoroligical conditions and could be cancelled due to adverse weather/sea conditions ocurring on the day of your charter.